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Don't Trip w/ Margarita

London, 05.04.21

Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water.

Photo of a video installation by artist Victoria Sin taken by Margarita.


  • TYGAPAW Feat Skyshaker
    All The Things She Meant To Say
  • Little Annie Anxiety, Hiro Kone 
    Burnt Offerings
  • Speaker Music 
    Ex-American Blues
  • Attilio Novellino 
    Strängar I
  • Irakli 
  • She Spread Sorrow 
  • Hiro Kone, Roxy Farman 
    MVMNT iii
  • Zaumne
  • James K
    I Can Not Remember
  • John Duncan & Stefano Pilia
    Fare Forward
  • Himukalt 
    Social Anxiety #1
  • фанкшн
  • Ciro Vitiello
    I Iiwawant Back Yyour Vovovvvoice Voice Voice Ft Cremation Lily
  • Ivan Zoloto
    Pleasure Prison (Dale Cornish Remix)
  • Mayuko Hino 
  • Koko
  • Rachika Nayar 
    No Future
  • Lutto Lento
    Angels (With John Glacier)
  • Time Binding Ensemble 
    Nychthemera In C Minor
  • 10Dimensions
  • Polina
    Two Faces