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The Early Bird Show w/ Jack Rollo

London, 03.12.21

First thing on Fridays - Jack Rollo's here to take care of things.


  • Rachel Bonch-Bruevich 
  • Alvin Lucier 
    I Am Sitting In A Room
  • John Cage 
    In A Landscape
  • Loren Mazzacane, Kath Bloom 
    The Breeze/My Baby Cries
  • Marion Brown 
    Sweet Earth Flying, Part 2
  • Nébu 
  • Priscilla 
    Stone Is Very, Very Cold
  • Jacob Treese
    Love Can Make It Work
  • John Cassavetes & Bo Harwood
    No One Around To Hear It
  • Bobb Trimble
    Preminitions (Fantasy)
  • Shadrach Chameleon
    That’s The Way Its Gotta Be
  • Bob Lind 
    Cool Summer
  • KMD 
    Peachfuzz (Instrumental)
  • Ronny 
    Don't Touch My Hand
  • The Clientele 
    Reflections After Jane
  • Dijit Feat Sd
  • Ingrid Chavez 
    Heaven Must Be Near
  • Soft Location 
    Let The Moon Get Into It
  • Winsome
  • Funkycan
  • Scritti Politti 
    The "Sweetest Girl"
  • Sugar Minot
    Wrong Move
  • Elijah Minnelli 
  • Kirsty MacColl 
    Walking Down Madison