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The Early Bird Show w/ Maria Somerville

Galway, 25.05.21

With Maria Somerville

Drifting into a new day with Maria Somerville, live from Ireland's wild west coast.


  • Mary Lattimore 
    She Remembers Sitka
  • Matthew Davids Mindflight
    Tract Of Bell & Flute Magic
  • Hole Dweller 
    Along The Great East Road Cows Graze On Emerald Fields
  • Hole Dweller
    Fly The Coop
  • Hand Habits 
  • Gary Numan 
    Trois Gymnopedies No. 1
  • Colleen 
    Hidden In The Current
  • Francois Hardy
    Tous Les Garcons Et Les Filles
  • Serafina Steer John T Gast
    Garden Of Love
  • Cindy Lee 
    Heavy Metal
  • Gyeongsu
  • Mazzy Star 
    Look On Down From The Bridge
  • Talk Talk 
    The Rainbow
  • Velvet Underground 
    Femme Fatale
  • Philip
    One Wish
  • Cleaners From Venus 
    I Can't Stop (Holding On)
  • Arthur Russell 
    Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart
  • Cass Mc Combs Karen Black
    I Wish I Knew The Man I Thought You Were
  • Martin Rev 
  • Space Lady
  • Appetite
  • Colleen
    Night Sky Rumba
  • Anna Domino
    Every Day I Dont
  • Electric Party 
  • Absent Music (Jan Van den Broeke mix) 
  • Mbv
    New You
  • Cranberries
    When You're Gone
  • Sinead O Connor
    Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace