All Trades w/ Chuggy

London, 13.11.19

The man behind the various Emotional labels jumps in the NTS cockpit for a chance to show off his expansive taste.


  • Sunny Balm
    At The Water Margin
  • Vox Populi!
    Getting To Know The Moon (1993)
  • Peter Baumann
    Meridian Moorland
  • Berlin Express
    The 4:08 To Paris
  • Bahasa
    Foreign Cities
  • Hokokam
    To Sleep
  • Martin Rev
    Glitter Rock
  • Sustanz
    Offnen Sie Mai Ihre Tasche
  • Jacek Skubikowski
    Seven Riders, Seven Roads
  • Peter Westheimer
    Happy Together
  • Mikey Hart
  • Vox Low
    It's Rejuvenation (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
  • J A
    Enter Ja
  • Pablo Gad
    Who Is The Terrorist?
  • Roni
    Clean Up Jah Works (Version)
  • Mary Pearce
  • Ross Brown
    Gotta Find A Way (1987 Edit)
  • King Sporty
    King Sporty (Lexx Discomix)
  • Lowell
    No Matter (Vocal)
  • Eddie Hopper
    Baka Lolo (Pt 1)
  • Sugar Minott
    Clean Runnings
  • Onaje Murray
    Love Fire
  • MLO

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