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Erol Alkan

London, 11.05.21

With Erol Alkan

A 21st Century titan of UK dance music graces NTS with two hours of selections every month.


  • Junkyard Band
    The Word
  • Erol Alkan (Palms Trax mix) 
    Automatic (Palms Trax Remix)
  • Midnight Magic (Benjamin Fröhlich mix) 
    Beam Me Up (Benjamin Fröhlich Remix)
  • The Juan MacLean 
    I Can't Explain
  • Fall Forward
    Everyone Was Alive (A Gramrcy & Loveless Mix)
  • Working Men's Club
    X (Paranoid London Remix)
  • Felix Da Housecat X Blakk Hazel X Dave The Hustler
    Vin Rouge
  • Robert Palmer 
    The Silver Gun
  • Red Snapper
    B Planet (Kito Jempere Remix)
  • U
  • Neutron 9000 
    She Trails Flowers
  • Holger Czukay 
    Ode To Perfume
  • Eno 
    Sky Saw
  • Rexy 
    Running Out Of Time
  • YUF-O 
    Do You Ever D​.​R​.​E​.​A​.​M Of Flying?
  • Stiletti-Ana 
  • Big Hands 
    Girde Maye/Astere
  • Cromie 
    RIVER (Classified)
  • Cyberdine Systems Corp. (Legowelt mix) 
    Program State (Legowelt Remix)
  • Modeselektor (DJ Stingray mix) 
    Mean Friend (DJ Stingray Remix)
  • Whitey 
    Leave Them All Behind
  • Chrome 
    In A Dream
  • Duran Duran 
    The Chauffeur