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Fervent Moon

Mexico City


DJ: “… I don’t know, I didn’t… I didn’t think I’d be the one holding the air, I never spoke live before the event consumed the many. I’ve no news for the desperate survivors and… and I can’t... well, I can hope that this next song might help us survive a little longer..."

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  • Mu Project - A Fantasy Like Before
  • Charlie Megira - Tomorroe Is Gone = מחר כבר עבר
  • Willie Dunn - I Pity The Country
  • Harumi - Fire By The River
  • Shoes - Do I Get So Shy
  • Dont Let Me Down - Charlotte Dada
  • Link Wray - Fallin' Rain
  • Quiet World - Sam
  • Stig Steen - Sommer
  • Freedom (Hourya) - Abadane
  • Charlie Megira - The Girl Who Was Frighten Of Ashtrays = הנערה שפחדה ממאפרות
  • Buddy Emmons - Wichita Lineman
  • Oriental Sunshine - Visions
  • Flamin Groovies - Laurie Did It
  • Federal Duck - Peace In My Mind
  • Bonnie Dobson - Winter's Going
  • Smiles - I Am Just A Star On A Democratic Flag
  • The Swamp Rats - I'm Going Home