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Manchester, 12.08.21

With Finn

Dance music with feeling; a Thursday with Finn.


  • Kim Cummings (Mental Instrum mix) 
    Your Attitude (Mental Instrum)
  • K.C.C. Feat. Emile
    Heaven (Heavenly Mix)
  • Soul Of Nick Jones
    Peace And Unity (Tupperware Nightmare Mix)
  • Julian Jonah 
    Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place (The Real Deal Mix)
  • Tuff Jam 
    I Got U (Original Edit)
  • Ghetto Brothers 
    Ghetto Blues
  • Norris Da Boss
    Funky Groove
  • Boiling Point 
    I Am (Remember '89 Mix)
  • Symphony Of Brotherhood Featuring Corina
    Over You (Stealth Mix)
  • Ricky Suarez 
    Deep Vibes
  • Mental Instrum, Angel feat. Angel 
    Dancin Free (Mental Dub)
  • Jeremy Sylvester 
    Emotions (2020 Remix)
  • Angel Farringdon, Lil Smokey 
    Clean Riddem
  • All Stars
    Killin Me
  • Sonic Soul 
    Dance 4 Inspiration
  • Finn
    A Good Place
  • Ronaldo (Todd Blue mix) 
    Good With The Bad (Todd Blue Edit)