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Manchester, 24.05.20

Boogie blasters. Street Soul. 50p bangers and rare tackle. Synthesizer funk, whacked-out RNB, specialist soul. Once a month hosted by Randall Marsh, Ruf Dug & sonofapizzman. ALL HITTERS - NO SHITTERS. ALL WAX - NO TAX.


  • Delegation 
    Darlin' (I Think About You)
  • Kim Davis 
    Just For The Night
  • Street Angels 
    Dressing Up!
  • Intrigue 
    Call Of The Heart
  • Craig Stevenson
    Touch New (Dub)
  • Beau Williams 
    Give Me Up (Instrumental)
  • Hindsight (Paul Simpson mix) 
    Stand Up
  • Russel Patterson
  • Ashford And Simoson
    Babies (Edit)
  • High Fashion 
    Break Up
  • Stimulation 
    Shattered (Dub)
  • Q-Pod
    Latin Lover (Dub)
  • Terrence Parker
    I Don’t Wanna Lose You
  • Heller & Farley Project (Sneak mix) 
    Ultra Flavour (Sneak's Retro Boogie)
  • Paul Johnson
    I’m Feeling It
  • The X-Man 
    That Body
  • Ste Spandex 
    Full Beam
  • Change 
    The Glow Of Love (12" Long Version)
  • Jackie Stoudimire
    Invisible Wind (Shoes Re-Edit)
  • Jaques Renault
    The Middle Of The Night
  • Cubie Burke 
    Down For Double
  • The Controllers
    Giving Up On Love
  • Goodie 
    Ready Or Not
  • Cheri 
    Starstruck (Extended Version)
  • Adrian Gurvitz 
    Love Space