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Full House

London, 30.11.14

One of the longest running shows on NTS, The Full House Show is a monthly session bringing dusty sounds from all over the globe, including but not limited to African disco & boogie, Caribbean and Brazilian funk, reggae, spiritual jazz and much more…


  • Mike Simpson 
    Hyena Hippies
  • Giuliano Sorgini 
  • Breathren
    Outside Love
  • The Pentangle 
    I Saw An Angel
  • Icamaleonti
  • Spencer Jackson Family
    Walk Up Moses
  • The Isoalationist
    Human Resource Activation Message
  • Ариэль
    Парафраз На Тему Русской Нар. Песни «Отдавали Молоду»
  • Mort Garson 
    Let The Sunshine In
  • Pete Levin & Bill Comeau
    Some Beautiful Sounds
  • Frankly Fiona
  • Grupo Bota 
    Papa Low
  • Minzoto Yazaire
  • Kamuran Akkor 
    Dilo Dilo Yaylalar (1975)
  • Bridgette Bardot
    Oh Quil Est Vilan
  • John Gibbs And The Unlimited Sound Of Steel Orchestra 
    Steel Funk (Vocal)
  • The Savers 
    Moki On The Waves
  • Cloud 7
    Try As Much As You Can
  • The Soundpebbles
  • Izintombi Zesi Manje Manje 
  • Admiral Dele Abbiodun
    Toju Wa Obu
  • Swithold 
    Slow Burner
  • Barry Bryson 
    Going To The Party
  • Broken Glass 
    Rather You Than Me
  • James P Taylor
    Transcendental Soul
  • Bland Allison 
    I Can't Get Back To You Again - 1
  • Sambo 
    I Am Tired Of Going On
  • Morris Lewis 
    The Enchzatress
  • Boco 
    Running The Mardi Gras
  • El Comite 
    Pasame El Hacha (Pass The Hatchet)
  • Total Experience 
  • Visions Of Tomorrow 
  • UTB 
    More Than Enough
  • Amethyst 
    Midnight Rendezvous
  • Micahel Boothman
    What You Wont Do For Love
  • The Care Package
    The Storm