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Grandmixxer & Big Zuu

London, 05.11.15

With Grandmixxer

Certified veteran grime DJ Grandmixxer raises hell on Thursday nights, either rolling solo or with guest MCs in the hot-seat. Tune in once a month for the latest…


  • Grandmixxer (1)
    Rick James Movie
  • Dullah & Sirpixalot
  • Daviche
  • Boylan 
    Bass Go Boom
  • Murlo, Famous Eno (Spooky mix) 
    Ariel (Spooky Remix)
  • Kid U
    Ten Eight Seven
  • Novelist 
    Turn Off
  • Grandmixxer 
    People Over Money VIP
  • Novelist 
  • Waifer 
    Slew Dem Staff (Instrumental)
  • Grandmixxer 
  • Edgem 
    The Crypt
  • Dismantle 
    Get On It
  • Trends 
  • JT The Goon, Dullah Beatz 
    Day One
  • Grandmixxer (4)
    Farda Seed
  • Inkke
    Fuck Dat (Grandmixxer Special)
  • Dread D 
    Time Command
  • Saga
  • Faze Miyake 
    Screwdriver VIP
  • Grandmixxer 
    South London Space Agency
  • Logos (Boylan mix) 
    Glass (Boylan Devil Mix)
  • Dullah Beats
    Pengers (Instrumental)
  • Tarquin
    JT Dub
  • Edgem
    Terror Forrest
  • Royal T feat. P Money 
  • Dullah Beats
    Royal Kush (Spooky RIP)
  • Waifer 
    Gun Man (Instrumental)
  • Spooky
    Head Rush Riddim
  • Dullah Beats
    One Chance
  • Spooky (Mosca mix) 
    Spartan (Mosca Dub)
  • Silencer
    Mita Ball
  • Faze Miyake 
    Take Off
  • Dizzee Rascal 
    I Luv U (Instrumental)
  • DJ Wonder
    What (Boylan Remake)
  • Grandmixxer 
    Dragonball Z VIP
  • Youngstar
    Congo Riddim
  • Rebound X
    Rhythm & Slags (Spooky)
  • Grandmixxer (7)
    X For Extinction (Starship Mix)
  • Dullah Beats
    No Respect
  • DJ Mondie feat. Flirta D, Ribz, Shizzle (Dexplicit mix) 
    Pull Up Dat
  • Dullah Beats
    Dub Vendor
  • Spooky
    Destiny Dubplate
  • Dullah Beats
    Full Clip
  • Youngstar 
    Bongcat Riddim
  • Darge Dubz
    The General
  • Dullah Beats
    Kill Confirmed
  • AT
    Fresh Skankers
  • Dizzee Rascal 
    I Luv U
  • Wiley Kat 
    Ice Pole Remix (Vocal)
  • Dexplicit
    Bars To Kouala
  • Trends
    Forward March
  • Spooky (Spooky mix) 
    Pulse 8 (Spooky Rethink)
  • Dullah Beats
    Gun Smoke
  • Dizzee Rascal 
    Give You More
  • Dizzee Rascal
    Hoe (Unknown Edit)
  • DJ Marsta 
    What Would You Do
  • Mr V
    Jungle Frenzy
  • Esco, Pit 
    Still In The Game (Vocal)
  • Virgo
    Oriental Silk
  • Plastician 
  • Imp Batch 
    Gype (BP & F-Tizzle's V.I.P)
  • Grandmixxer (8)
    Farda Seed