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Bloodzboi 血男孩

BEIJING, 02.12.20

Beijing artist BLOODZ BOI 血男孩 takes over for an hour, playing tracks from William Basinski, James Ferraro + more.


  • Organ Tapes
    Song Makes Old Scar Hurt, But I Can't Help Be At Ease Listening To It
  • Klein
    They Cared For Two Weeks
  • James Ferraro 
    Headlines (Access Hollywood)
  • 天气DEATH 
  • 立ち往生
    Black Clouds Gathered 'round Me
  • Bo Khat Eternal Troof Family Band
    I HAVE SEEN ALL THE THINGS THAT ARE UNDER THE SUN; All Of Them Are Meaningless, A Chasing After The Wind
  • Oliver Coates 
    Butoh Baby
  • 麦浚龙
  • William Basinski 
    Tear Vial
  • His Name Is Alive 
    Tape Slow
  • Devon Hendryx 
  • How To Dress Well
    I Wish (R. Kelly Cover) (Yours Truly Session)
  • Gud
  • 新田 高史
    Over The Truth
  • 黄国俊
  • Cng
    Kiss Isa