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Derek Piotr & Kobwe - Alabama White Sauce


60 minutes of handpicked Americana from Derek Piotr and Carter Kobwe, meandering thru ballads, country records, traditional Appalachian sounds and more.


  • Daddy Cool
    Announcement On WEUP Huntsville
  • Wonder State Harmonists 
    Turnip Greens
  • Gene Autry 
    You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)
  • Shirley & Charlie Glenn
    East Virginia Blues
  • Shirley Ann Lee 
    Please Accept My Prayer
  • Ola Belle Reed 
    Chewing Chawing Gum
  • Mrs. Sabra Bare Hampton
    Old Gray Beard Need Shaving
  • Kilby Snow 
    Greenback Dollar
  • Debbie Harris Terrell & Duane Terrell
    Here Each Day We Travel
  • Roswell Sacred Harp Quartet 
    Weeping Mary
  • George Vinton Graham
    Old Crumpy
  • Weedeater 
  • At Right Angles 
    Kiss The Midwest For Me
  • Derek Piotr (Nathan Salsburg mix) 
    "Yes, They All Sing" (Nathan Salsburg Version)
  • Peggy Seeger 
    Katy Cruel
  • Blind Thomas 
    Wanda Russell’s Blues
  • Roy Baker, The Gospel Tones 
    The Tornado Disasters
  • Albert & Lucy Harrison
    Shermany Cyclone
  • Oslo Sacred Harp Singing
  • Ollie Gilbert & Almeda Riddle
    Somebody Touched Me
  • Unknown
    Lead Me On
  • Country Gentlemen
    500 Miles
  • Kurt Vile 
    How Lucky
  • Unknown
    My Mountain Rose
  • Frank Vance
    Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  • Tanya Tucker 
    Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
  • Mrs. Russell Vaughan
    Twenty Froggies Went To School