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DNA: Funky Pre-Coup

Manchester, 29.06.19

Hawks swoop, vultures circle, trolls are payrolled to man keyboards, politicians play broken records across public tannoys. Blueprints for smokescreens are being drafted and actioned by ghosts - an ominous clock ticks in dreaded tones.

Iran teeters on a precipice, with loose boulders above and jagged rocks beneath. This abyss, this foreboding scene - 70 years of resistance to the neoconservative machine, so that true healing may begin.

Iran waves a white flag and calls on the world for support - will anyone pick up their call? #SanctionsKill

Iranian funk, folk, disco, country and soul from 50s through to modern day.


  • Sima Bina
    Naz Kardanet Vavilla
  • Fereydoon Farrokhzad
  • Mohammad Nouri 
    Bia Bare Safar Bandim
  • Betti
    Be Kassi
  • Dia Prometido
    Concerto For One Voice
  • Faramarz Assef 
    Che Roozegari
  • Habib
    Gheseh Rooze Siah
  • Betti
    Daram Ashegh Misham Ashegh
  • ویگن, Viguen 
    جرا نمى رقصى = Chera Nemiraghsi
  • Nooshafarin
  • Houshmand Aghili
    Farda Tou Miayee
  • Shohreh