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Laurent Fairon - Stigmergy Benefits

London, 19.03.17

Special guest shows from around the world.


  • Primorje
    Body Text
  • Jonathan Borowsky & Ed Tomney
    Radical Songbirds Of Islam
  • J.L. Maire 
  • Meyers 
    On Performance
  • Moody Alien
    MagaM At The Bej Hamam
  • Stephen Gorbos
    Such Sphinxes As These Obey No One But Their Master
  • Sarkis Z
    De L'EnquÍte Sur L'Arsenal-Atelier De La Rue V.
  • Jean
    Marie Grenier - Les Cloches Du Temple D'or De BÈnarËs
  • Annette Le Fort
    Slika Od Zvuka
  • YPY 
    Gazing Beat
  • Muriel Cooper
    Lecture On Art And Technology
  • Henri Michaux 
    La Ralentie
  • Dettmann, Klock 
    Phantom Studies
  • Sophie T
    On The Train
  • Low Jack 
    Q.B. Untitled I
  • The First Baboon Civilization
  • Richard Vimal 
    Les Litanies Des Animaux Cybernétiques
  • Ana Berkenhoff, Michael Holland 
    Miss Flower
  • Julien Palomo
    Boubi's Library Vol 107
  • Impossible Theater
    Social Amnesia
  • Francesco Cavaliere
    Gancio Cielo
  • Oded Bourla
    Songs From The Bible
  • Timeghost 
    Dissection Theater
  • Nikolas List & Mung
    Silent Series I
  • Tag Cloud
    How To Survive
  • Coppice 
    Induction and Bifurcation
  • Colette Magny 
    Bura Bura
  • Stefan JÛs
    An Introduction To Entomology
  • Anne Tardos 8137A
  • Jˆrg Piringer
    Ich Meines Mir Mich
  • Tale Of Us, Clockwork, The/Das 
    Life And Death
  • Michaela Meli·N
    Electric Ladyland
  • Weska Project ñ
  • Gordon Jenkins And His Orchestra, The Weavers 
    Goodnight Irene
  • Lothar Manteuffel, Emil Schult, Emma Nilsson, Max Dax 
    I Am Digitized – I Will Not Die