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Hyperpop, Irish traditional, alt rap & more from Belfast born lo-fi songwriter & NTS WIP 2021 artist Piglet…


  • Divide and Dissolve 
  • Dylan Brady 
    Of Course I Still Love You
  • Little Kid 
    Thief On The Cross
  • Jelly Cleaver
    Forever Presence: Pt 2
  • Planxty 
    The West Coast Of Clare
  • The Brothers & Sisters 
    I Shall Be Released
  • Rostam Batmanglij
    Bike Dream
  • WWWater 
    Pink Letters
  • Jackie Shane 
    Any Other Way
  • Problem Patterns
    Day And Age
  • Wastewomxn
    Snap Me Out Of It
  • Mica Levi 
    Flower Bed
  • Mal Devisa 
    If You Are Waiting
  • Trust Fund 
  • Piglet
    Dan's Note