Live now

Quare Groove

London, 20.01.18

Following their excellent compilation on All City, Quare Groove bring you an 1 hour of Sounds of the Irish musical underground from the 70s & 80s.


  • György Ligeti 
    Etude No. 1 "Harmonies" (1967)
  • Some Kind Of Wonderful 
    Just Like Me
  • Natural Wild
    Hot & Sexable (Megamix)
  • Apartment 
    We'll Have A Holiday
  • Pumphouse Gang 
    Welcome Back Into My Life
  • Stano 
    Seance Of A Kondalike
  • Ozone
    Spon Song
  • Supply, Demand & Curve 
    Corea Guidance
  • Sonny Condell 
    Sail On
  • Philip Lynott 
    The Man's A Fool
  • Louis Stewart 
  • Sunshine 
    Young, Free & Single (Club Mix)
  • Zen Alligators
    Call Me Lucky
  • 5 Go Down To The Sea
    There's A Fish On Top Of Shandon (Swears He's Elvis)
  • Micro
    Disney - Cack Hand
  • Nun Attax 
    White Cortina
  • Apartment 
  • Mighty Shamrocks
    Condor Woman