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Queering Folk


Exploring the UK’s complicated history with LGBTQIA+ folk music.

Interviews and live performances by Sophie Crawford (Queer Folk), Áine Rowe (Elfshot) and Nick Granata (Shovel Dance Collective).

Produced and edited by Sam Stone.


  • 0:00:06
    Jacken Elswyth 
    Scene 1, after Hobart Smith
  • 0:02:50
    Goblin Band
    Widecombe Fayre
  • 0:05:55
    Shovel Dance Collective 
    The Foggy Dew
  • Sonny Brazil
    Lost in the Fog
  • Nick Granata
    The Handsome Cabin Boy (Live)
  • Sonny Brazil
    Divas And Lazarus Instrumental
  • Anne Briggs 
    Willie O' Winsbury
  • Áine Rowe
    Derwentwater's Farewell (Live)
  • Nick Granata
    The Duke Of Athole's Nurse (Live)
  • Sophie Crawford
    Our Captain Calls (Live)
  • Áine Rowe
    The Seeds Of Love (Live)
  • Sonny Brazil
    Bagpipers Instrumental
  • Jacken Elswyth
    Sussex Waltz