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Takoma Records: A Special

Washington DC, 18.10.20

Two hours of folk, blues, country and solo guitar compositions from the influential catalogue of Takoma Records, founded by John Fahey in the late 50's.

The Takoma story began in 1959 in the Washington, DC suburb of Takoma Park, Maryland when Fahey borrowed $300 and pressed 100 copies of his now-legendary Blind Joe Death. By 1963 Fahey and Denson had moved to California. The label's diverse roster included blues guitarist Bukka White (who the partners had rediscovered in Mississsippi), electronics pioneer Bernie Krause, beat poet Charles Bukowski, bluegrass musician Mike Auldridge, guitarist Leo Kottke, and 'One String Blues' by Eddie "One String" Jones and Edward Hazelton (which was known as Captain Beefheart's favorite record).