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London, 16.12.21


Uncompromising techno & club sounds from VTSS, live from the studio.


  • VTSS
    Trust Me
  • Estoc
    Shake That Ass, Circuit Queen (Strict Face X Daft Punk)
  • DJ Loveshy
    I’m High As Hell (I Only Took Half A Pill)
  • Tom Place 
  • Randomer 
  • Estoc
    Adult Human Female (Dick)
  • Roy Violens
    Vending Machine
  • VTP
  • Coucou Chloe
    Wizz (Original Mix)
  • Asquith 
    Set The Trap
  • Estoc
    Area Claim Chop (NA X DJ Fofuxo & DJ Paupas)
  • Valerie Ace
    Sweaty Syrup
  • Bae Blade, Robin Tasi 
    Chu Chu
  • Clubkelly
    I Won’t Ever Love You Back
  • DJ No New News
    Amateur Raving
  • Evita Manji 
    Vixen House
  • Nova Cheq
    Blow Up
  • Sherelle 
    Jungle Teknah
  • DJ Fucks Himself
    Nobody Likes U
  • Von Riu
    Master Rave Yard
  • Gallery S/ Moma Ready
    Almost A Break Track
  • VTSS
    For Your Safety