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Henry Rollins

Los Angeles


Hello, altogether fantastic NTS listener. I asked my boss if I could do four shows in October instead of one as there were so many songs I wanted you to hear in this month. Thankfully, I am happy to report that I was given the green light and here we are with show #02. I am not sure if you are noticing from last week’s show to this one, a slight pattern happening. Last week, we listened to the 100% perfect Spiral Scratch EP by Buzzcocks and this week, we will check out the amazing She’s Not There EP by the UK Subs. We will be rocking an EP per broadcast for the other two shows in this month.

To a great degree, I listen to music seasonally. Some bands or artists work for me better at different times of the year. Cold weather, early dark, don’t want to hear late period Coltrane, (my personal favorite era) but definitely his Atlantic Records period. Warm weather, long light: Scary Monsters and Lodger. Cool to cold weather: Station To Station, Low, Heroes.

I don’t know when I started doing this but that’s the way I check out a lot of music. Definitely the way I put together a play list. I know right now, you’re getting rain, a lot of dark and that’s where these play lists for October are coming from.

What I think of when I put together a broadcast, is a 90 minute mix tape where you just got it all so completely right, you never go on long trips without it. Hopefully, you find the tunes and the order in which they roll out to be an asset. I am already working on the November show. I’m thinking Nico, Wolfgang Riechmann, Conrad Schnitzler, a track from the new Steve R Smith album Salt, and see where that takes us. n the meantime, we still have two more great October shows lined up, which you will hopefully find so pleasing, you will listen to it at least three times and find ways to spend more time at the record store.

Yes. I fully understand that I am probably waaaay too into all this but there will be no apathy on my watch! Dig it and then dig it some more. Thanks for listening. Until next week. Henry

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  • The Damned - I Believe The Impossible
  • The Cigarettes - They're Back Again, Here They Come
  • The Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee
  • The Obsessed - Tombstone Highway
  • Minced Meat - The World's Got Everything In It
  • Drinks - Focus On The Street
  • Thin Lizzy - Are You Ready
  • Jah Lion - Soldier & Police War
  • Vox Pop - Cab Driver
  • Rolling Stones - Hang Fire
  • Pankrti - Lublana Je Bulana
  • Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City
  • David Bowie - Sons Of The Silent Age
  • Lou Reed - Dirt
  • Stray Ghost - Part 6
  • One Last Wish - Sleep Of The Stage
  • UK Subs - She's Not There
  • UK Subs 1 - Kicks (single version)
  • UK Subs - Victim
  • UK Subs - The Same Thing
  • Comelade/Bastien/Berrocal/Liebezeit/Morceau - En Forme De Pinces
  • The Penetrators - The Break
  • Batrider - Homie Gnomie
  • Ngozi Family - We Were Not Told
  • St. Vitus - White Magic/Black Magic
  • Steven R. Smith - This Fleeced Reel To This Nothing Already Then
  • The Anti - Job - Immature
  • Parliament - Chocolate City
  • Oliver Nelson - Stolen Moments () -