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Henry Rollins

Los Angeles, 29.10.15

With Black Flag

And here we are, yet again, most valued NTS listener. Behold the tracks below and prepare to enjoy approximately two hours of great music! Not a command, really, just a cheer from the other side of the speakers.

This is the last of our four October shows. I hope you have enjoyed them thus far.

It is never interesting to just merely throw track into a show and let them play. There is so much more that can be done to make the overall far more impacting. It’s why, when years ago, we were making mix tapes, we became aware that there is a story that can be told, using the work of other people, to make a true journey and create something really cool. This is always what I try to do when assembling a play list. It can be quite time consuming but I think it’s worth it. If someone might be listening, it’s always worth it.

As I have told you before, I make radio shows and mixes for myself according to season, temperature and light cycle. Since these can have a great affect on mood, I try to make a soundtrack that will fit with the environment that someone is listening in. As to what tracks go in, that’s all subjective—that is to say, “October music,” while such a thing is quite real to me, might be so much pseudo-intellectual piffle to someone else. Music and its ability to spark associative memory, sometimes with such exacting precision, has always fascinated me.

I hope you dig the show and thanks for reading this. Henry


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