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Hot Mess

London, 25.04.21

Babak Ganjei's monthly grunge and garage hangover rolls through with classics old and new, from Memphis to London, interspersed, of course, with totally irrelevant jokes and chat.


  • Mike Krol 
    Less Than Together
  • Altun Gun
    Yuce Dag Basinda
  • Wesley Gonzalez 
    Change Your Circumstance
  • Les Savy Fav 
    Dirty Knails
  • Dinosaur Jr 
    Can't We Move This
  • Ohtis
    Schatzw Ft Stef Chura
  • Cory Hanson 
    Paper Fog
  • God Speed You Black Emperor
    Fire At Static Valley
  • Dan Michaelson
    Colourfield 3
  • Fake Fruit 
    No Mutuals
  • Demons
    Ghost Woman
  • The I Don't Cares 
  • R. Stevie Moore 
    Pop Music
  • Bob James 
    Angela (Theme From "Taxi")