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Hot Mess

London, 07.02.16

Babak Ganjei's monthly grunge and garage hangover rolls through with classics old and new, from Memphis to London, interspersed, of course, with totally irrelevant jokes and chat.


  • Meliyr Jones
    How To Recognise A Work Of Art
  • Guston Wright/ Jack Quartet
    The Wind In High Places (Babak Ganjei Mix)
  • Jacuzzi Boys 
    No Sleep
  • ELY 
    Isaac Plays
  • Hunck 
    Never Had A Dream
  • Silver Jews 
    Punks In The Beerlight
  • Black Dice/Braughtigan
  • George Harrison 
    The Light That Has Lighted The World
  • Richard Dawson 
    Wooden Bag
  • Pure Beauty 
    Panama Hands
  • Billy Brag
    Between The Walls
  • Slowcoaches 
  • Michael Nyman 
    An Eye For Optical Theory