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Melbourne, 12.01.22


New releases and current inspirations from your hosts Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang aka HTRK.


  • CC Sorensen
    Six Heart Snake
  • Dean Blunt
    Mugu Dub
  • Princess Diana Of Wales 
  • Schoolly D 
  • Boli Group
    Cottagecore Crisis
  • Ghedelia Tarzartes And Rhys Chatham
    'Semaine Du Bizarre' Acte 1
  • Sarah Davachi, Sean McCann 
    LA In The Rain
  • M. Caye Castagnetto feat. Aileen Bryant, Aimee Goguen, Alan Poma, Beatrice Dillon, Chiara Giovando, Ciriza, James Caperton, Josh Theroux, Lisa Holmqvist, Louie Stowell, MPA, Marina Vishmidt, Math Bass, Sara Gernsbacher, Tommy Barton 
    Mi Mentira
  • Steph Kretowicz With Ben Babbitt And Felicita
    I Hate It Here
  • RAP 
    Bright Blue
  • Nick Drake (John Wood mix) 
    River Man
  • Young Marble Giants 
    The Taxi
  • Static Cleaner Lost Reward
    Tiger Shark