Live now

Ghost Notes Worldwide W/ Nicky Soft Touch

London, 14.12.23

With impey, Nicky Soft Touch

Tune into Ghost Notes Worldwide for that post-twilight sound. Night time music of all strains, with blunted R&B and hip hop instrumentals, neo-downtempo productions, slow jams, and hazy dancefloor sounds.


  • Quindon Tarver (Josh Abrahams mix) 
    Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Edit)
  • Calvin Keys 
    Growing Pains
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    We Praise The One That Aint Text At 130am Bruv
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    No Point In Askin Me Blud
  • Nicky Soft Touch & Morley
    Did U Come Round Here 2 Flip Hocus Pocus
  • Cool Waters 
    Talk About Me And You
  • Harry Case (Sheryl Martin, Winton Cobb, Harry Case mix) 
    Midnight Samba
  • Missus Beastly 
    Voodoo Dance
  • Amon Düül
    Restless Skylight-Transistor-Child
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Chaotic Side Of The Motorway Fam
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Not Worth Getting Upset About (A Shade Of Blue)
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Misery & Krink Pen Markers
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Do Wrong (Beatless Mix)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Navy Blue Benz
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Bass Jam
  • Mach-Hommy, knxwledge 
    Yeezy Taught H.E.R.
  • Mary Sue
    Sun Bowl
  • Pink Siifu, fly anakin 
    Richard Pryor
  • Eminem, Royce Da 5'9" 
    Dissin Brandy And Mase (Live At Tramps, New York)
  • Westside Gunn 
  • O.C. feat. Kool Keith, Large Professor, Organized Konfusion 
    Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle #1 '93
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Stop Textin Me
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Back In The Day (Nicky Imagination)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Its Hard To Forget That Ish
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Dial Up Skit
  • ELDON & Nicky Soft Touch
    I Bang The Hammer That I Trust
  • D. Futers
    All Junglist
  • Suga Free 
    On My Way
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    P110 Flip
  • ELDON & Nicky Soft Touch
    Arrows In My Arm Leg & Head
  • KA feat. Roc Marci 
    Sins of the Father
  • Armand Hammer 
  • Ratking 
    Pretty Picture
  • Cannibal Ox 
    Stress Rap
  • DJ Screw
    My Mind Went Blank
  • Pimpsta 
    Rollin On Them Thangs (Screwed Out)
  • amuro
    Smoked Out 1993
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Why You Always Tellin Me
  • Gonjasufi 
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    If Man Is Hench
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Been Nice Since Cassette Tapes
  • Chronic Fatigue
    Interlude I
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Messe De South West Postcode Type
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    I Aint Goin Near Them Blunts Again
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Fallen Soldiers
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Gunna Come To The Bits (Instrumental)