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Ghost Notes Worldwide w/ Nicky Soft Touch & DJ Camel Blues

London, 16.11.23

With impey, Nicky Soft Touch

Tune into Ghost Notes Worldwide for that post-twilight sound. Night time music of all strains, with blunted R&B and hip hop instrumentals, neo-downtempo productions, slow jams, and hazy dancefloor sounds.


  • 0:01:30
    Dah's Baker
  • 0:04:00
    Mndsgn, Ahwlee 
    Snowed In
  • --:--
    For U Set The Tone Ft. Manonma
  • DJ Pop Shuv & DJ Camel Blues
    Tell Her
  • Orange Juics Click
    W-P-I-M-P Interlude
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Don’t Chat To Girls In Waterproof Trousers
  • Mike feat. Fashionspitta 
    Real Love
  • Remmy
    Gr8 Day
  • DJ Pop Shuv
    Never Enough Time
  • Dylantheinfamous
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Done Like 8 Days Straight Someone Bring Me Cooked Meal
  • Stove Good Cook$
    Warren Moon
  • Foisey
  • Nicky Soft Touch
  • Penthouse
  • Cluekid 
  • DJ Camel Blues
    Jon the Milkman
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    John Blaze (Nu Version Demo)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Wannabe (Postcode)
  • Mach-Hommy, knxwledge feat. Ju Ju Gotti, Tha God Fahim 
    Doot Doot Doot
  • Br3
    Palmolive Flip
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Pockets Fattening (Skit)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Ppl Always Laughing At Me An I Dunno Why
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Cron Ish U Aint Heard B4
  • Burnawhile
    Best Available Technology X Withdraw
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Say Bro 2 Much
  • Dylantheinfamous
    Wings And Shrimp
  • Follony
    AMG Loop
  • Gundam
    So Real (Unknown T
  • Invader Spade
    Kno U
  • Jak Dat
  • Invader Spade
    Luv That Will Last
  • Mike 
    Nuthin I Can Do Is Wrng
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Been In That Place (OG Shit)
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Nicky’s On Fuckery
  • Nicky Soft Touch
    Asmaa Broken Beat 2
  • Play Hyro Yungtwoswords
    STFU 2
  • DJ Manny 
    Would U Mind