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In Focus: Ndongo Lô

DAKAR, 30.05.20

Focus on Ndongo Lo

Very well known inside of Senegal, Ndongo Lo Niang was a prolific singer and bandleader from the Dakar suburb of Pikine who had nearly five blazing years before his untimely death at the age of only 30. In this short period between 2001-2005 he produced three outstanding albums, in addition to classic mbalax tracks with his band Le Groupe Jamm. Ndongo Lo remains incredibly well respected to this day on account of both his talent and his character.  His rise from poverty to national and international fame — together with his loyalty to his family, friends and origins — granted him the status of an idol not only in his neighbourhood, but throughout Dakar and Senegal.

LABOUR are honoured to present this In Focus, a two hour journey through the music of Ndongo Lô.