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Rich & Johnny's Inzane Michigan: Homemade Lurkerz Vol. 4

Detroit, 30.06.22

Michigan Homemade Lurkerz Vol. 4 : "Thom Elliott - The Human Heart Worm" Mix An hour of the deepest- of-the- underground electronics from the heaviest mind in Michigan: The one and only Thom Elliot. A collection of raw solo abstractions and rare group formations prove that the Mangled Mitten is even more independently functioning as DAMAGED than any other state, natch. SOULFULLY AMAZING


  • Thom Elliott
    Perfume (Excerpt)
  • Gridloc'd
    Counter Sabatpge (Excerpt)
  • Thom Elliott
    1855 (Excerpt)
  • Thom Elliott
    Temptation To Exist (Excerpt)
  • Thom Elliott
    Malingerer (Excerpt)
  • Deathwish
    April 27 2010 #1 (Excerpt)
  • Cornea
    Unreleased 2011 #1 (Excerpt)
  • Oak Openings
    March 14 2013 #3 (Excerpt)
  • Everyday Cruelty
    Contempt Of Cop #1
  • Thom Elliott
    Human Heart Worm (Excerpt)