Weekend Read w/ Jonah Rabb

Los Angeles, 13.06.19

Every month Jonah Rabb brings you Weekend Read, an hour of funk, house, contemporary R&B, and more.


  • Chantay Savage
    Come Around (Weekend Read Chopped & Screwed Edit)
  • Ebony
    Is It On
  • Nesa
    Making Time
  • DJ Quik
    We Still Party
  • Dubee
    My Thang (Radio)
  • Bobby Womack
    Give It Up
  • The Shider Family Band
    Keep You Burning (Vocal)
  • Loleatta Holloway
    We're Getting Stronger (The Longer We Stay Together)
  • Caroline Bernier
    Love (I Don't Wanna Hear About It)
  • Cerrone ( Michael H. Brauer mix )
    Back Track
  • Patrick Cowley

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