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Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith Presents: TouchThePlants w/ Elori Saxl

Los Angeles, 11.07.22

With Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Cool Maritime

Composer and modular synth expert Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith presents TouchThePlants on NTS' Los Angeles studio once a month for a round-up of favourites and inspirations from her label TouchThePlants.


  • Kaitlyn Aurelia-Smith
    Set One
  • Arp 
  • JD Emmanuel 
  • Daniel Aged 
  • Inventions 
    Outlook For The Future
  • Kate NV
    Дуб = Oak
  • Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith 
    Is It Me Or Is It You?
  • ATA Records 
    Windie Man
  • Board Of Canada
    Peacock Tail
  • Gianni Safred
    Electronic Designs
  • Perrey-Kingsley 
    The In Sound From Way Out
  • Hama
  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Track
  • CyanBlue 
    This Feeling With U
  • Elori Saxl
    Set Two
  • Akofa Akoussah 
    Ramer Sans Rame
  • Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders 
    Journey In Satchidananda (Part One)
  • Etran Finatawa 
    An Mataf Germanawen
  • Roberto Musci 
    Claudia, Wilhelm R And Me
  • Alabaster DePlume 
    Visit Croatia
  • Elori Saxl 
    Wave I
  • Nala Sinephro 
    Space 2
  • Falle Nioke & Sir Was
    Wonama Yo Ema
  • Estado Unido & Senti Docomún
  • Wet
    Larabar (Feat. Dijon) [Remembering Something Heavy In The Car Going Wherever Remix]
  • Astrid Sonne 
    Stuck In Pause
  • Mica Levi 
    Mind Blown
  • Smerz 
  • Kali Malone 
    Sacrificial Code
  • Eartheater 
    Metallic Taste of Patience
  • Rosalía feat. James Blake 
  • Caribou 
    Second Chance