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Labour - Thione Seck Tribute

DAKAR, 10.05.21

Tune in each month for LABOUR’s hour-long show featuring rotating guests and friends from Dakar, Senegal. Expect a mixture of progressive electronic music with heavy sabar drum music, classic & current Mbalax, and timeless Sufi praises.

This show is an homage to the great and recently deceased Thione Balago Seck from Dakar, Senegal. Hailing from the Seck family of griot singers, hefirst sang with Orchestre Baobab before starting his own mbalax group, Raam Daan. This show features live and studio tracks from the 80s until the present day, including a track by his son Wally Seck, one of the most famous current mbalax stars. Rest in peace, Thione Balago Seck. Sigil ndigua leh.