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LABOUR w/ Ibaaku

DAKAR, 26.10.20

With Ibaaku

Ibaaku, the latest of a string of names he has given himself, is an artist on the move, ethereal, propelled by an eclectic and insatiable appetite for sound. Ibaaku is one of these millennials who form the avant-garde of contemporary creativity on the African continent. Born in Dakar, but originally from Casamance, Ibaaku is a prolific artist; not only a producer but also a multi-instrumentalist, author, composer and radio host. Before launching his solo career, he has worked for a few years with the best Senegalese hip-hop artists, including Xuman, Keyti, Daara J (Faada Freddy's group) and PPS.

This show for NTS features many tracks from his 2016 release, Alien Cartoon, including the most excellent singles, Djula Dance and Yang Fogoye, plus several previously unreleased tracks direct from the artist himself, and includes several tracks from his recent 2019 release ‘Onym’ as Waï Faï Spirit with vocals sung in both Wolof and English.


  • Ibaaku
    Kutis Break
  • Ibaaku 
    Djula Dance
  • Ibaaku
    Marigo Jogal
  • Nkisi 
  • Ibaaku 
  • Ibaaku
    Discussin Food
  • Ibaaku
    Mouches Symphonies
  • Ibaaku
  • Sevdeliza
    Lamp Lady
  • Ibaaku 
    Monkey Boy
  • Waï Faï Spirit
    Love N Ego
  • Waï Faï Spirit Remix
    W.S. Air China
  • Ibaaku 
    Yang Fogoye
  • Ibaaku 
  • Ibaaku Remix
    Fally Ipupa
  • Ibaaku
  • Prefuse 73 
    Mercury Futures
  • Ibaaku
    Tawaba GM
  • DJ Hvad
  • Ibaaku