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LABOUR w/ Bada Seck

DAKAR, 28.01.23

This month’s show features the great living sabar player, Bada Seck. Hailing from Cassamance and based in Dakar, we begin with his 1997 release 'Génération Boul Falé' with vocals from Fatou Toure, Joe Mbaye and himself in the greatest era of Mbalax, before several Ya Cheikh tracks from 1990 featuring Bada Seck on sabar throughout, followed by two tracks with Bada Seck by Mark Ernestus’ Jeri-Jeri, one with previous guest Mbene Diatta Seck, and one with upcoming feature and legendary percussionist Doudou Ndiaye Rose. A longtime collaborator of Baaba Maal, this show closes with the Hollywood soundtrack of Black Panther featuring the singer with Bada Seck in the percussion ensemble, just after three modern mbalax tracks from Dakar in the last weeks by Aida Samb and Akhlou Brick.


  • Bada Seck, Generation Boul Fale 
  • Bada Seck
    Al Poular
  • Bada Seck
    Dem Ba
  • Bada Seck 
  • Bada Seck
    Sabar Yi
  • Ya Cheikh
  • Ya Cheikh
  • Ya Cheikh
  • Jeri Jeri With Doudou Ndiaye Rose
    Ndeye Gueye
  • Jeri Jeri With Mbene Diatta Seck
  • Akhlou Brick
    Man Lagn Bouga
  • Aida Samb
    Temps Boy
  • Akhlou Brick Ft. Sidy Diop
    Ca Me Va
  • Baaba Maal And Ludwig Goransson
    Welcome Home
  • Bada Seck
    Barra Mbaye