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LABOUR w/ Fatou Talla Ndiaye

DAKAR, 31.10.22

This month’s show features the great Senegalese singer, Fatou Talla Ndiaye best known for her residency at Daniel Sorano Theater in Dakar and her hits in the 90s and early 2000s with her band le Super Digital with Thio Mbaye leading on sabar. An important figure in the scene along the likes of Omar Pene and Orchestra Baobob, listen for such hits as 1992’s Nalay Leer and the albums ‘Muñ’ (1993), ‘Wal Sa Moome’ and the track ‘Gis Naa Xalebi’ by Mbaye Ndiaye of which Fatou Talla Ndiaye features as a backup singer, and a Studio LABOUR favourite - Sagal - before ending with some of the latest hits from Dakar by Wally Seck, son of Thione Seck, and previous guest Viviane Chidid.