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Last Resort

London, 09.10.21

A swift hour long excursion into the unknown. Expect the unexpected from host Tom Cathcart as almost anything goes: techno, post-punk, minimal synth, dub and new wave. Don’t be a prude.


  • Niagara
    Dia 2, Parte 1, Musica 2
  • AYA
    Emley Lights Us Moor (Feat. Iceboy Violet)
  • Tara Clerkin Trio 
    In Spring
  • Trizah
    Hive Mind (Feat. Coby Sey)
  • Tara Clerkin Trio 
    Night Steps
  • Alpha Maid 
  • Model Home
    Night Break
  • The Clientele 
    Losing Haringey
  • HTRK 
    Real Headfuck
  • Eno 
    I’ll Come Running (Live At The BBC)
  • Cindy 
    Lost Dog
  • Strawberry Switchblade 
    Trees & Flowers
  • Venus In Furs 
    La Valse De Salon
  • Hsker D
    Hardly Getting Older
  • Fleetwood Mac 
    That's All For Everyone