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Launette's Hour w/ Jeffrey Silverstein

London, 07.07.24

Up with the Lark! Launette takes time out from her day job as a chocolatier to play from her treasured vinyl collection. She will also be joined from time to time by carefully chosen guests. Happy Sunday!


  • Free Beer 
    It's Gonna Be Alright
  • Tarwater
    Simmer For A While
  • Santa Fe 
    Sad Days
  • Herb Pederson
    Wait A Minute
  • Doc Kirby & Co 
    Meet Me In Mexico
  • Rob Galbraith 
    Corner Of Spit And Whittle
  • Mason Profit
    Walk On Down The Road
  • Alex Taylor 
  • Lulu 
    Sweep Around Your Own Back Door
  • Rick Roberts 
    Four Days Gone
  • Tracy Nelson 
    Couldn't Do Nothin' Right
  • Jim West
    Austin Aldy
  • Don Livingston 
    Livingston's Gone To Texas
  • Waylor Jennings
    Big D
  • Salt Creek 
    Stories We Could Tell
  • Jeffrey Silverstein
    I Want The Real Thing (Chip Taylor)
  • Roger Whittaker 
    Ride A Country Road
  • Tapestry 
    I Wish I Was Going Back Home