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Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour - Curt Boettcher Special



Barnaby Bennett presents the Lavender Kite Audio Research Hour. This month’s episode focuses on the music of Curt Boettcher (Sagittarius, The Millennium, etc), both original compositions and production/session work. A focus on the psychedelic side of Curt’s music & it gets insanely trippy at times. Mix those in with his trademark backing vocals and elaborate arrangements, and you have a pretty mystical body of work the veers into the realm of timeless.

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  • The Millennium - Prelude
  • The Oracle - Don't Say No
  • Gordon Alexander - Windy Wednesday
  • Paul Revere & The Raiders - Observation From Flight 285 (In 3/4 Time)
  • The Ballroom - Baby, Please Don't Go
  • Friar Tuck & His Psychedelic Guitar - Sweet Pea
  • Moses Lake - Oobleck
  • Lou Berrington & The African Kamp - The Kwella Stroll
  • Song - Banana High Noon
  • Jacobson & Tansley - Dream With Me
  • The Goodtime Singers - Come On Train
  • Tommy Roe - Moon Talk
  • Eternity’s Children - Again Again
  • Chad & Jeremy - Painted Dayglow Smile
  • Gene Clark with The Ballroom - Only Colombe
  • Sagittarius - You Know I've Found A Way
  • Curt Boetcher - Bobby California (***not a typo lol he removed one T in the 70s for astrological purposes)
  • Sagittarius - Mass #586 (Previously Unissued)
  • The Goldebriars - Voyager’s Lament