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Legowelt & Ebony

The Hague, 14.04.15

With Legowelt

Seminal synth nerd Legowelt joined us at NTS for a monthly residency in the April of 2015. Expect an impossibly thorough tour of scuzzed out Memphis rap, banging electro, and rosy house rollers: a proper education.


  • Ill Bill 
    Alien Workshop
  • Stand High Patrol 
    Brest Bay
  • Jathari
    London City
  • Eazy E
    Chapter Eight Verse Ten
  • Joe Louis 
    The Love Of My Own (Instrumental)
  • Aphex Twin
    Unreleased Selected Ambient Works 1.5
  • Soft Machine 
    Carol Ann
  • Stenny 
    Three Mile Island
  • Via App 
    Baby K Interaction
  • Mathheis
    Blablavism - Nous'klaer Audio
  • R
    The Land Of Stone - Unreleased
  • Phing
    Zenker Brothers - Illian Tape
  • Tornado Wallace 
    Ferntree Gully
  • Keito Sano
    Your Love - Enother Blessing
  • Ebony
  • K
    Hand - Mystery - Acacia Records
  • Nick Klein 
    Mobility Effort
  • Steve Murphy 
    Relaxed Groove
  • D. Tiffany 
    Midnight Getaway
  • Savas Pascadlidis
    Mastermind - Non Series
  • Karim Sahraoui 
  • Kowton (KM, MM mix) 
    More Games (MM/KM More Names Remix)
  • Ebony
    The Fountain
  • Maxwell Church
  • Morgan 
    Flowerchild (Original Mix)
  • DJ Duke 
  • Ebony
  • Iron Galaxy X NYX
    Love Haze
  • Kevin McPhee 
    TW (Acapella)
  • Gaja 
    To Have
  • R
  • Random Generator 
    Zone Paging
  • IVVVO 
    Dark Room 4 Dance
  • Echoplex, Damon Wild 
  • R
  • Endlec
    Cyclic Patterns
  • Population One 
    Musical Promises
  • Lalah Hathaway
    Tragic Inevitabilit