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Into The Outer w/ House Of Traps

Manchester, 16.02.20

With Lindsay Todd

Founder of The Living Mountain record store in Edinburgh takes us through his collection of rare disco, new beat, organic-tinged electronica, spacious techno and ambient.


  • Wanda Group 
    Wetsuit Women
  • Square Fauna 
  • U
  • Untitled 
  • Kōhei Amada, Sugai Ken (Sugai Ken mix) 
    新春譜 Shinshunfu (Sugai Ken Rework)
  • Flaty 
    Self Assembled
  • Flaty 
    Init Ignit
  • Nikolaienko Meets Arthur Mine
  • Luis Pérez 
    Suite Al Culto Solar - Xochiyaoyoloh
  • Focus 
    Can’t Believe My Eyes
  • Lena Platonos
    Aimatines Skies Apo Apostasi
  • Frank Zappa 
    Watermelon In Easter Hay
  • The Hers 
    Earth Household