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Lumigraph - Live From Dublin

Dublin, 04.05.15

With Lumigraph

NTS shacked up with All City Records in Dublin to bring a series of radio broadcasts showcasing a varied selection of experimental electronic music. Choice shows include music and interviews from the long standing DJ Donal Dineen, as well as Sias, Morgan Buckley and many more… Listen back.


  • COUM Transmissions 
    Welcome To The Alien Camp
  • Powell 
  • Kosmonautentraum 
    Kosmonautentraum 6
  • Killing Sound 
    Thousand Hands
  • Coil/Zos Kia
    Here To Here (Double Headed Secret)
  • The Haxan Cloak 
  • Pierre Henry 
    Symphonie Pour Un Homme Seul
  • Choice 
    Always In Danger
  • LJV 
    Event Horizon
  • Sandra Electronics 
    Here And Now (German Version)
  • Nick Klein 
    Iron Lion
  • Wanda Group
    Masculinity Is A Wonderful Thing
  • Alessandro Cortini 
    Voltaggio Solitario
  • Solid Space 
    Destination Moon
  • Lumigraph
    America Song
  • Low Jack 
    Q.B. Untitled I
  • Mark Stewart & The Mafia
    Stranger Than Love
  • Tropic Of Cancer 
    Plant Lilies At My Head
  • Hank Jackson 
    Cole's Lullaby
  • Cha Cha Guitri 
  • Officer!
    Life At The Water’s Edge
  • Raymond Scott 
    The Rhythm Modulator
  • Dalhous 
    Active Discovering
  • DZ Lectric & Anton Shield
  • Transilvanian Galaxy
    God DR-55
  • Gunnar Haslam 
    Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom
  • Nagamatzu 
  • Guys Connection
    Pogo For Techno
  • Kerridge 
    Scare Tactics
  • Deru 
  • Blancmange 
    Holiday Camp
  • Madteo 
    Hiding Hand Principle