Live now

Loose Bones

London, 08.05.17

NTS hosts since early doors, Loose Bones take you on a freewheeling trip through filmic soundscapes, psychedelia, vintage experimentalism, fuzzed out rock and other esoteric surprises. Every single month.


  • Saagara 
    Hot Blooded
  • Minimal Man 
    Heaven Lies
  • Coil 
  • Moderne 
    Sans Signalement
  • Ptôse 
    Like A Mouse
  • Einsturdenze Nevbanten
    G1 G2 G3
  • Throw Me Your Finger 
    Six Six Six
  • ANI
    I - Gutz
  • Ministry 
  • Bourbonese Quark
    Skin Deep
  • Human Flesh 
    Angel With Fragile Face (12th Human Attempt)
  • I Wish I Were Close To You
    Let's Have Healthy Children
  • White Pain 
    A Kick In Your Mind
  • Burian 
    So Low
  • Soft Cell 
    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye
  • Cabaret Voltaire 
    The Heat
  • Kleine Negerties
    666 Sex
  • The Normal
    Warm Leatharette
  • Somnambulist 
    Things I Was Due To Forget
  • Baby Buddha 
    Little Things
  • Calling Hearts 
    In The Jungle
  • Arvo Pärt One
    Te Deum
  • Dreamies 
    Program Ten
  • D.A.F. 
    Der Rauber Und Der Prinz
  • Beta Evans
    Move In My Body Rhythm
  • Diserlo Corbusier
    Golpe De Amistad
  • Automatique
  • CHBB 
    Go Go Go !
  • Mr. Flagio (De Scalzi, Flavio Vidulich, Giorgio Bacco mix) 
    Take A Chance (Vocal Version)
  • Artery 
    The Butchers Shop (Revisited)
  • Minimal Man 
    Jungle Song
  • Tear Drop Explodes
    Sleeping Gas
  • Chrome
    SS Cygri
  • Interaccion
    Processo Interior
  • RE
    Wire - Organism
  • Indoor Life 
  • Von Lmo 
    Cosmic Interception (Cosmic Truth Mix)
  • Coil 
    Love's Secret Domain