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Mala Junta w/ Gabrielle Kwarteng

Berlin, 10.07.23

Monthly mixes and "Bad behaviour" from the crew behind Berlin's acclaimed Mala Junta parties. Expect throwback trance, souped up '90s basslines and party music of a high tempo flavour.


  • 0:00:00
    Thotful Spot
    Endorfine (Original Mix)
  • 0:04:00
    D. Tiffany, Roza Terenzi
    Gravity Bongo (Original)
  • 0:07:13
    Decision Fatigue
  • Jamal Moss + KiNK
    Spiral Galaxies With 2 Cores
  • Anthony Naples
    Swerve (Original)
  • De Sluwe Vos 
    Tools For Fools
  • In2stellar (Spray mix) 
    Baby Bump (Spray Remix)
  • Ascendance 
    Breathe The Energy
  • Nu Jacks Featuring Ivory Ranks
    No Trouble We Mix
  • Boy Pussy 
    Make It Work (Make It Techno Mix)
  • Gaskin
    Deep Within My Soul
  • Luke Slater (Marcel Dettmann mix) 
    Love (Marcel Dettmann City Remix)
  • Sam Paganini (Paganini Traxx)
  • Lyzza 
    La Unica
  • Vibrasphere
    Eternal Feedback (Original Mix)