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London, 23.03.16

Record maker, player and mixer Martelo - not Martello - joins the musical dots with sonic heat from across the globe. Taking us to hip-hop, RnB, electronica and elsewhere, Martelo keeps it tight and keeps the heat: non-stop classics.


  • Zxph Xllxs 
    Xcxd Bxmb
  • Funkbias
    A Thousand Tongues
  • Alden Tyrell (Vin Sol mix) 
    Acid 3 (Vin Sol Remix)
  • The Substitute Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Hoo-Bangin' (Feat Mack 10)
  • Commodo 
    Solid Gold Telephone
  • AJ Tracey 
    Spirit Bomb
  • Rocks FOE 
  • Capleton 
    That Day Will Come
  • I Wayne 
    Living In Love
  • Bascom X 
    Lonely Girl
  • Capleton 
    That Day Will Come