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Meuko! Meuko!

Taipei, 09.11.20

With Meuko! Meuko!

A monthly hour of warped, percussive and pulsating selections. Punctuated with original productions and unreleased material from producer, singer and DJ Meuko! Meuko!


  • Brandon Juhans
    The Fly
  • Moon Wu
  • Yen
    Real Distans
  • Software2050
  • Doggo Taxi
    RGX5_Afterlife Purification
  • Noneye
  • Rick Farin
    God Rain (City
  • Baby Blue
    Mutant Place (City
  • Nkisi 
  • Lizzitsky 
    Gum Massacre (C-Gen Mix)
  • Meuko! Meuko! 
    none (live recording)