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Mikey Young

Melbourne, 04.12.19

With Mikey Young

Mikey Young of Total Control and Eddie Current Suppression Ring plays a selection of 60's and 70's soft rock…


  • Knocker Jungle 
    I Don't Know Why
  • Jimmy Campbell 
    Baby, Walk Out With Your Darling Man
  • Gothic Horizon
    Sydney’s Wharf
  • Keith Pearson’s Right Hand Band
    Marie Helene
  • Andrew Cervantes
    Drift On Down
  • Nana Vasconcelos 
  • Rich Ruth
    Haynes Manor
  • Wally 
    What To Do
  • Ouray 
    Leave For The Night
  • Michael Moore 
  • Pioneers 
    Feel The Rhythm (Of You And I)
  • Alain Bashung 
  • Ronny 
    Compare Me With The Rest (Part One)
  • John Dark