Live now

Mint Condition w/ Randy Ellis

Los Angeles, 15.03.22

A state of mind more than a grading scale, Mint Condition journeys deep into an abyss of new, classic, and obscure 12" and 7" records - with a focus toward high-end boogie, disco, two step, sweet soul, italo, house and modern funk.


  • En-To-End 
    R.U. Gonna B "Nite Mix"
  • Samson And Deliah With The Boss Four
    Don't Listen To Your Friends (Instrumental)
  • Citispeak 
    Rock To Rock (Instrumental)
  • Ian Foster 
    Tell Me It's True (Instrumental-Los Angeles Mix)
  • Tommy McGee 
    Now That I Have You
  • George & Glen Miller 
    Touch Your Life
  • Kadenza 
    Let's Do It (Instrumental)
  • Morris Mobley 
    What's On Your Mind (Late Night Dub)
  • End-To-End
    We Can Work It Out (Instrumental)
  • True Desire 
    The T. D. Theme
  • Aaron Broomfield 
    I'm Gonna Miss Ya (Poly Rythums) (Long Version)
  • Victor 
    Go' On Do It (Disco Version)
  • C. S. Lewis 
    You Belong To Me (Instrumental Mix)
  • Bridge 
    Baby Don't Hold Your Love Back (Instrumental)
  • Fonda Rae 
    Over Like A Fat Rat (Instrumental Version)
  • Toba 
    Moving Up (Instrumental)
  • Lamont Dozier 
    Shout About It (Instrumental)
  • Uku Kuut 
  • Lotti G. 
    What's It Worth (Instrumental)
  • Circuitry Feat. Electro Wayne
    Sassy Strutt
  • Evo 
    Din-Don [Instrumental]
  • Total Contrast 
  • Jago 
    I'm Going To Go (Instrumental)
  • Human League 
    Don’t You Want Me
  • Sexual Harassment 
    We Want Prince (Instrumental)
  • Stargaze 
    You Can't Have It (Instrumental)
  • Maurice McGee 
    Do I Do (Instrumental)
  • Harvey Sutherland 
  • Shirley Lites 
    Heat You Up (Melt You Down) (Melt Down Mix)
  • Benedek 
    Earlyman Dance
  • The Time 
    Mo' Jerk Out