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Miss Modular w/ Zahra Malkani

Los Angeles, 15.06.23

Sasha Ali interviews guest Zahra Malkani, a Karachi-based artist who works with sound, text, and the web to explore the politics of development, infrastructure and militarism in Pakistan through the lens of dissident ecological knowledges and traditions of environmental resistance. They discuss the intersections of the sonic and the sacred in relation to the rivers, ocean, and coastal communities of southern Pakistan. A mix of field recordings and narration accompanies the interview.


  • 0:00:10
    Yialmelic Frequencies 
  • 0:03:06
    Girnari Jogi Group
    Sur Saarang (Live)
  • --:--
    Zarina Baloch
    Keeyn Karyaan Maa
  • Field Recording
    Manchar Lake, March 2023
  • Fozia Seengar
    Ustad Juman Darbadars Poem ‘Wathi Har Har Janam Warbo’
  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    Mann Atkeya
  • Field Recording
    Bhit Shah Darbar, November 2022
  • Field Recording
    Ayub Mallah, Ibrahim Hyderi, March 2023