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Miss Modular w/ JWords

Los Angeles, 07.10.21

Host Sasha Ali presents a monthly program with tracks and interviews featuring people of marginalized genders in music.

Today's show is a conversation with NYC-based composer and electronic producer JWords. We talk about her journey into becoming a musician, gear nerd, and music educator.


  • Kadhja Bonet
    For You
  • Moor Mother
    Made A Circle (Ft. Nappy Nina, Maasai, Antonia Gabriela & Orion Sun)
  • Tiffany Gouché
    Good Girl (Ft. Masego)
  • JWords
    Universe Love
  • Nappy Nina & JWords
    Real Tea (Ft. Stas THEE Boss)
  • JWords
    Up Late
  • JWords
    Shine <3
  • H3IR (JWords & Maassai)
    Take A Hold
  • JWords
    Hands Full (Ft. Nappy Nina)
  • Letta Mbulu 
  • MULA
  • Angélica Garcia