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Mistress Rebecca's World

London, 09.06.18

For the fifth episode of Mistress Rebecca’s world, you will be given a test. Not only that you will be bored by Her sub’s stunted desires. This episode includes banalities such as being barefoot, micromanaging diets and boring ambitions. Do your desires make you feel alive?


  • Mistress Rebecca
    This Is Mistress Rebecca’s World
  • Klein 
    Cry Theme
  • Sade 
    When Am I Going To Make A Living
  • Mistress Rebecca
    True Or False
  • Crass 
    Shaved Women
  • Kate Bush 
    The Sensual World
  • Mistress Rebecca
    The Barefoot Submissive
  • Isaac Hayes 
    Walk On By
  • Mistress Rebecca
    Your Desires
  • Sandy Mercer 
    Play With Me
  • Mistress Rebecca
    £3.20 On Food Per Day
  • Sharon Woolf, Bimbo Jones 
    Sweet Like Chocolate (RnB Mix)
  • Mistress Rebecca
  • Miles Davis 
    Time After Time