Live now

Mosca & Golden Teacher

London, 02.03.16

With Mosca

Mosca runs underground club music inspired by tunes from all over: dub, house, techno, grime and jungle, as well as East coast hip hop, South African house, Shaolin soul, indie and post-rock from his youth, first-wave electro, stripped down ragga and dancehall, a little minimal ghetto stuff, and more. On top of that he's racked up some pretty big guest mixes in past shows.


  • Zerfu Demissie 
    Alayenem Belu, Alsemanem Belu
  • Sun Araw Band XII
    HUFF (Live)
  • Mecanica Popular 
  • Shackleton 
    Cast The Die
  • Golden Teacher 
    No Luscious Life
  • Green Door All Stars
  • Clarence G 
    Cause I Said It Right
  • Alex Coulton 
    War Games
  • Graham Lambkin 
  • DJ Maboku
    Malucos De Raiz
  • Man 2 Man
    Male Stripper / Ghedalia Tazartes (GT Bkwrds Mash Up)
  • NHK
    932 (Feat. XiX)
  • Mumdance 
    Locked Groove
  • Bruno Spoerri 
    Singing In The Closet